Program Duration

Do you know that one of the greatest challenges facing organizations today is how to build lasting relationship with their customers through powerful service?  Do you know how the skilful handling of customers via face –to face or over the telephone will alter the perception of your service What is the MOST POWERFUL HUMAN TECHNOLOGY based on a set of PRECISION LANGUAGE to handle and manage any angry and upset customer to calm them down quickly?  You can get all the best tips and service strategies from this 2-day Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) workshop that will dramatically improve your customer service skills to create TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (TCS) for long-term business results.

Designed For

This training programme is specially designed for Customer & Sales Representative, Frontline Sales Personnel, Business Managers, Receptionist and network professionals who are in constant contact with customers and who are interested to develop practical and effective skills in creating customer service excellence.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the power of NLP and the application.
  • Define the new values and beliefs of why serving people come first.
  • Choose the payoff for delivering low and high service quality.
  • Find out what the customers really want from service.
  • Find out precisely what do you have to do to create your own satisfaction.
  • Organize successful 6 steps to create a totally satisfied customers.
  • Apply practical non-verbal communications to build confidence with customers.
  • Use precise words to avoid verbal fights and build collaboration.
  • Manage 3 different types of difficult customers more effectively.
  • Turn any adverse and unpleasant situation to your advantage with the 6 Cooperation Techniques.