Program Duration

No matter where you fall on the chain of command, it is likely you will have to deal with a difficult customer situation. If these tough situations make you feel uncomfortable, not to worry. We have a list of tips to help turn those difficult conversations into loyal customers.

Designed For

Personnel that are in customer service or facing customers on regular basis.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply appropriate techniques in handling difficult customers.
  • Use listening and facilitation skills in asking good questions, empathizing, apologising, controlling the call, and providing the solution.
  • Use the 5 steps approach in handling difficult situations.
  • How to deal with the situation in a professional manner where customers feel their needs are addressed and situations resolved?
  • Keep your customers happy & satisfied!
  • Reduce problem situations and the cost of resolving them.
  • React to Customer Service problems in a quick and positive manner.
  • View customer service problems as opportunities instead of problems that should be avoided.
  • Arrive at solutions that are cost effective yet address the customers need!