Program Duration

What are the HIDDEN SECRETS in selling that GUARANTEE MAXIMUM SALES PERFORMANCE to help sales & marketing executives thrive in this ultra-competitive business world? How can they succeed where others fail in handling tough and seemingly impenetrable accounts?  How do we learn to SPEAK THE LANGUAGE OF THE CUSTOMER’s MIND?

What are the most effective communication tools available to build powerful RAPPORT with your sceptical customers? Discard the old way of selling by challenging yourself join this NEW AND REVOLUTIONARY 2-day psychological sales course using the power of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to DOUBLE & TRIPLE YOUR SALES RESULTS to become the TOP PERFORMER in your field.

Designed For

This training programme is specially designed for Sales executives, Sales managers, Sales Consultants or anybody who is searching for an alternative technology and a more powerful way of selling techniques to succeed in this ultra-competitive world.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the power of NLP and the application.
  • Increase your power of making choices for success in your sales career.
  • Set empowering sales goals using the POWERSET model.
  • Build quality relationship with every customer and colleague.
  • Increase your influencing skills with your business contacts.
  • Empower your understanding on how customers think before they buy.
  • Build quality rapport with prospects by thinking like prospects.
  • Discover the psychological method of predicting customer’s buying strategy.
  • Sell strategically to different people with preferred sensory styles.
  • Mirror non-verbally with the customers to create trust and to break objections.
  • Change a negative customer into a friendly buyer using Reframing techniques.
  • Increase emotional rapport by using stories or Metaphors.
  • Apply pacing method to get them to a close.
  • Master the technique of Triple F to deal with any emotional objection.