Program Duration

The key to effectiveness is finding the balance between the clock and the compass. The clock is the symbol of efficiency. The compass is the symbol of effectiveness. Organizations and individuals find themselves caught in this gap between the clock and the compass. We take actions based on the tyranny of the urgent. We drive ourselves and our teams fearing the clock and ignoring the compass.

Actions must be aligned with the purpose. This program is to develop leaders and teams in the secret of effectiveness. The current business environment is of constant change and chaos. You have to spend all your resources on what matters most.

Designed For

Managers, Team Leaders, Executives and Supervisors.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the difference between being effective and being efficient.
  • Understand the power of personal credibility in the secret of effectiveness.
  • Review their personal values and their alignment of their actions.
  • Identify their individual time wasters which has impacted their productivity.
  • Learn and apply the skills of the 4 quadrants of time management.
  • Learn and apply the skills and techniques of creative abandonment.
  • Learn the process of goal setting.
  • Understand the challenges in converting the goals into action. The Execution Gap.
  • Understand the importance of Wildly Important goals.

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