Program Duration

This program will show you how to plan, organize and write business correspondences that can be easily understood and acted on. You will be taken through the meticulous tasks of collecting and evaluating information; pre-writing, writing, and revising; and using accurate language and precise vocabulary relevant to your industry. This program will accelerate your performance as a communicator who can write collaboratively while articulating ideas and opinions easily. You will discover that you too can maximize your own writing style to enhance the concepts of communication productivity at your workplace today.

Designed For

This program has been designed specifically for business managers and executives with an intermediate proficiency in English, and whose duties include internal and external written communication.

Learning Objectives

Your will have an increased understanding and awareness of business writing structures and write with purpose and effect in a range of context (delivering good news and bad news) and target audiences. You will achieve greater confidence in writing and acquire the ability to analyse and write down your ideas clearly.

You will appreciate business writing techniques and learn to produce effectives ones that communicate clearly to the intended target readers.